State of the Art Printing and Fulfillment Services

*WeProduce uses Direct To Garment (DTG) Apparel Printing. It is the state of the art for highly detailed full color prints on T-shirts! Using a process much like your desktop printer, the shirts are loaded onto a platform and fed into the machine, which prints your design line by line.

The process looks simple but the magic is performed by the technicians who calibrate the ink levels and prepare the garments. *WeProduce prints WILL look better and hold up longer than any other production facility on the planet, and we’ll go toe to toe with anyone...Our skilled print techs are frequently called upon by big companies to troubleshoot their processes and test out new equipment.

Millions of Colors

The DTG process allows you to print photo quality prints in incredibly high resolution. With this process we have access to 16 million colors making your most colorful work very achievable.

Easy Upload

We have worked our tails off to create fast and simple system for your to upload and catalogue your artwork. Simply access your free account and you will be up and running in minutes.

No Minimums

DTG is great because there are no minimum quantities to order! ONE piece is our minimum! So you can test out tons of designs to see which ones your customers respond to the best!

Fast and Efficient

DTG printing allows for fast upload. and efficient production. This enables you to think of a design. create it and have it in production as fast as you can Upload it. Perfect for being on top of market trends.

Order Fulfillment


*WeProduce maintains a consistent inventory of hundreds of SKUs of our premium quality product kept safely in our environmentally controlled facilities.


Your Product is always packaged in plain white. waterproof and tamper resistant envelopes. shipped with tracking number internationally and RM number in the UK


Using our State of the Art shipping software. we work with multiple international vendors to ensure the utmost in safety and speed of fulfillment.


*WeProduce operates multiple full service facilities internationally. which means that all of your products are shipped with the lowest possible cost.

Boutique Quality Service


*WeProduce wants you to be able to create an automated Tshirt fulfillment system for your store so you can focus on creating good things! To help do that we integrate with hundreds of popular shopping carts and marketplaces.


*WeProduce only works with creatives and brands that match our vision of the potential of our service. We are not in the business of making bachelorette. or "Happy 40th Birthday" T-shirts. We are a business for Creative Businesses.

Social Responsibility

*WeProduce has created a reduced Carbon Footprint by printing locally throughout the world. Our process has very little product and materials waste to reduce environmental impact. We donate returned merch to local charities.


*WeProduce operates several online retail channels. and has strong ties to a number of large retailers. We love art. we are fans of all of our clients! If we dig your work. we may ask you to be part of our store and brand networks.


DTG Printing vs. Silkscreen

Comparing DTG and Silkscreen is like comparing apples to oranges, though both print on shirts, the similarities end there.

Though Silkscreen “looks” cheaper per garment, there are a number of added costs and artwork set up charges associated, along with minimums, and color limitations. The process to make one TShirt can take up to 24 hours, and cost hundreds of dollars in set up fees.

DTG on the other hand, uploads and prints your artwork directly. No Artwork fees. No minimums. No color limitations, and the whole Process is done in 6 minutes .

It is State of the Art Garment Printing.

The Basics

Use These Basic Questions Below To Start Learning How To Put *WeProduce To Work For You

This is a very cool and flexible service that you can finesse in a number of different ways to make your product and brand look just as good as anything you see in high-end boutiques, or major retailers.

So what does *WeProduce actually do for me?

*WeProduce prints and ships your apparel. That is It. You upload your artwork to your account on our system, process your orders through us, and we print and ship your product usually the same day.

Do You Put Your Brand on My User Experience?

Hell No! *WeProduce knows how much work you put into creating a professional and cohesive brand experience for your customers! We think that practice is deplorable.

How do I get the artwork right?

Getting the artwork right is important to making your product amazing. There are a couple of steps including sizing, color, format, clean up, transparency that can optimize your artwork for best results.

Do I sell my product through you?

Nope. We just Produce. So you need to create an online store to sell from. There are tons of store platforms to choose from...we dig Squarespace and Shopify! check them out...Amazon, Ebay etc.

What are my print options?

There are 2 print options in the DTG print process, determined by the darkness of the shirt. Dark shirts require an under-base (extra process) and cost more. Light shirts are simpler and more economical.

What is Licensing and How does it work?

Licensing is a manufacturer agreement with an artist to “rent” their artwork for a fixed period of time, and pay them based on sales - known as a royalty.

What limitations do I have?

There are a number of limitations to the DTG printing process. It won't match pantones colors, just the colors on the screen. It will not permit special effects: foil, glitter, puff, and multiple prints can get pricey.

Can I get a Sample of My Artwork on a Shirt?

Absolutely! Unfortunately they aren’t free. Samples can be ordered using the order processing system in your account. Just select your design and your shirt and we’ll send it out to you asap.

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