Social Responsibility

Helping the Earth Helping the Community

Though our emphasis at *WeProduce is primarily a social one, We employ a business model that is deeply conscious of our environmental impact.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We produce locally so the garments don't travel far. Regional Drop Shipping supported by multiple international production facilities promotes a lower carbon footprint.

Eco Friendly Materials

The Print Process is almost 100% eco- friendly. Eliminating harmful inks and harsh chemical affixers by substituting environmentally friendly water-based inks.

Effective Waste Reduction

Because the process is extremely exacting and efficient there is nearly zero waste of production byproducts. No Minimums means no wasted or extra inventory to dispose of.

Low Energy Consumption

The *WeProduce production facilities are a fraction of the size of full scale print shops. Requiring much less electricity and far fewer staff to run production.

Community Support

Any returned, misprinted or damaged goods go to one of a number of local charities in our communities focusing on youth and women’s shelters .

Young Entrepreneur Outreach

Built into our plan for the next year is the activation of an outreach program to help at risk youth to build their own businesses online, and become future entrepreneurs.

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